Building Bookshelves out of Plumbing Pipe

The original space with junk on the floor.

I had some space in the office I wanted to use up, so I thought I’d take a crack at building some shelves out of 1×12 pine boards and some pipe.┬áHere’s the original space, with my assistant Ozzy Osbourne in the foreground….

I purchased everything at Home Depot for about $150. I used 1/2″ black pipe for everything. It took me three trips to the store before I finally got it right : )

Here’s what I ended up using for the project you see in these photos.

Wall Flanges: 4

Elbows: 8

T’s: 6

12 inch long pipe: 4

8 inch long pipe: 2

6 inch long pipe: 8

10 inch long pipe: 2

1 x 12 inch boards: as long as you want them.

All the pieces I used, before painting.

Next I cut the boards 3 feet each and drilled 7/8 inch holes in the two front corners of the shelf.

I wanted shelves 3 feet wide, but you can make them as wide as you like.

A 7/8 bore was used to drill a hole just big enough for a half inch pipe to fit through.

I then proceeded to stain the boards and I painted the pipe with flat black spray paint.

The stain dried overnight, then I flipped them in the morning and painted the other sides.

I used flat black for color.

Once everything was dry, it was just a matter of putting it all together. Here is the finished space with the shelves attached to the wall with the flanges.

All finished with my junk on it : )

Here is the top part and the bottom:

Screwed into the wall with dry wall screws.

The bottom rests right on the floor. The back of the shelf rests on the upturned elbow so it stays level.

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